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APRIL 28, 2014 - The Center has seen great results from some of our "star" mentor/mentee teams. As of March, seven teams have finished the program. They completed their six in-person meetings and fulfilled all the requirements of the Mentoring Agreement. Many of these "stars" will continue relationships with their mentors beyond the program.

We encourage the sharing of ideas to enhance the program as well as increase the value of the mentee experience as they go forward in their career. One team is serving a Civil Rights Committee together and used this time to meet.

The Lunch & Learn, organized by the Maryland Professionalism Center was hosted at Rosenberg, Martin, Greenberg LLP. Leigh Melton, Esq., a member of the Center's Board, along with Monise A. Brown, the Executive Director at the Center were the organizers of this event. Several teams took this opportunity to meet in-person and attend the presentation together. Ben Rosenberg spoke about how to run a successful law practice.

Another idea came from a team who worked on legal writing skills and even wrote an appellate brief together. The mentee accompanied the mentor to court, gaining insight on the courtroom experience. They also went to trial together in Annapolis, where the mentee was introduced to court personnel after the case. The mentee expressed gratitude for this excellent program and the beneficial pairing.

One team plans to attend the Maryland State Bar Association's Conference in June 2014. They are looking forward to the section on health law. This team has been exploring skills and tactics for negotiating with opposing counsel. Their interests include professional development, opportunities in health care and administrative law. They also discussed strategies for negotiation with physicians and communication with clients.

Although the program is not designed for professional placement, one of our mentees has been offered suggestions and guidance. The mentor was instrumental in making introductions for professional opportunities.

It has become quite evident that the mentoring program at the Maryland Professionalism Center has been a rewarding experience for the mentees as well as the mentors. The mentees have expressed their gratitude and success as a direct result of their participation in the program. Mentors are acknowledged for their efforts by both the mentees and the Center. The contributions of the mentors towards ensuring the integrity of the legal profession in Maryland are greatly appreciated.