The Benefits of Planning Your Funeral in Advance

They say that the only two certainties in life are death and taxes. And while most of us are reluctant to face the prospect of death, there are a number of reasons why you should – including the fact that it shows that you care about what happens to those you leave behind. Let’s look at the benefits of planning your funeral in advance.

The Peace of Mind It Provides for Your Family

An attorney would advise you to draw up a will while you’re alive and determine where the property remaining on your death should go. Determine who should be the executor and how you want the property divided. Communicate this to your family while you’re alive, and you eliminate potential ill will among surviving family members aimed at the executor because you made it clear this is what you want.

Planning your funeral has a similar effect. You’re making the decisions while you’re alive, and you’re preventing potential feuding among your family after you’ve died. You won’t end up with your children fighting between burial and cremation based on their beliefs or the price tag. Furthermore, you can ensure that you are buried the way you want to be buried. Whether this is a traditional burial in a family plot or a cremation with your ashes scattered in a beloved spot is up to you.

A side benefit of planning the funeral yourself is that you free your family from having to make these decisions when they’re still grief-stricken. They may need to deal with immediate issues, but funeral planning isn’t on the to-do list. The experts at Arlington Mortuary will handle everything for them.

The Financial Benefits

You can pay for the funeral you have planned while you’re alive. There are many reasons to consider doing this. If you pre-pay for your funeral, then your family won’t have to come up with the money while your assets are locked in probate. They won’t have to worry about paying that bill along with your medical bills, either. In many cases, you’ll save money, too. If you pay for a burial plot now, your family won’t have to pay more for it later due to inflation. If you pre-pay for the casket and other funeral arrangements, you’ve locked in today’s prices. Contact Arlington Mortuary to learn more.

The Guarantee that Your Wishes Are Honored

When you make the funeral arrangements and pay for them, the funeral home and associated facilities are required to honor your wishes. If you’ve paid for a funeral, your adult child can’t decide to have you cremated to save money. You can pick out the casket, the flowers, the venue, and the officiant. You can specify that you’d like money collected for a given charity in lieu of flowers, as well. Funeral homes like Arlington Mortuary can even arrange to have memorial trees planted in your memory. You can write out your obituary and draft letters to be read to your family upon your passing. You decide if they are to have a solemn religious gathering or a lively party.

Note that this is a good time to draw up any related documents to ensure that your wishes are carried out. This can be naming a person to take care of your pet on your passing or drafting a will that says who will get your stamp collection.